3 Surprising Things Prevent Your House From Selling New York

Let’s say you believe you’ve taken all the necessary steps to maximize your profit on the sale of your New York home. You might want to take a fresh look at your house from the perspective of someone who is not attached to emotions. You may be making a big mistake if you don’t address these potential deal breakers. Buyers will remember it if they are considering their next home purchase.


The house lacks curb appeal. The curb appeal of your New York house is critical to the sale. “If buyers don’t like the picture on the Internet or while driving by, they won’t look further. Keep your lawn maintained: No dandelions!

Too much clutter

A cluttered home during a showing can also be a turn-off for buyers. Excessive mess can prevent buyers from entering rooms or viewing everything they need to.  Professional stagers help top agents bring the perfect balance. Most stagers remove extra supplies, oversize furniture, store your furniture, and use props to make your home look more elegant. 

You may be familiar with the smells in your home, but potential buyers walking through your home will notice things that keep your home from selling in New York, like cooking odors, smoking, and pets. 

While the property is being listed, try to reduce cooking odors and prevent smoking indoors. Before showing your home, make sure your home is adequately ventilated and remove any evidence of your pets, such as bowls, cages, and the pet itself. Your house might not sell if you maintain an unlived-in appearance. 

A home that’s too sterile won’t appeal to buyers, so find the perfect balance between clean and lived-in, so they can visualize themselves in the space.

If you’d prefer to avoid walk-throughs and the prep work and marketing costs of showings, a direct sale to professional buyers like those at Sell My NY Property Fast means you won’t need to worry about showings. Unlike traditional buyers, our professional buyers believe that sellers shouldn’t have to pay anything before a sale, and you’ll also not have to pay any commissions.


How Your Home’s Condition Affects its Resale Value

It’s also important to keep an eye on the appearance of your home, since buyers will also judge it based on its exterior. It is the exterior of your home that they see first. If exterior appearances are damaged, or older than their life expectancy, such as siding, driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, and roofs, then it is important to replace/improve them.

 Buyers will also judge how your house looks inside.

Cleanliness and minor upgrades can, however, refresh most outdated interiors. Moreover, you can increase your home’s value by repairing irreparable damage to the flooring, if the boiler or water heater is too old , outdated appliances, the kitchen and the bathroom.

It’s important to have your house in good condition on the inside out, but a house in disrepair will be difficult to move in the New York real estate market and might keep it from selling. Sell My NY Property Fast buys properties directly from sellers in as-is condition, so you don’t have to worry about costly repairs. At Sell My NY Property Fast, our professional buyers will take on the risks of making the In addition, we can provide you with a guaranteed closing date, often within a few days or we can work with you to determine your best moving date.


Six Key Factors That Affect the Sales Price of Your Home This includes location, market, condition, wide appeal, comparable homes, searchability, and price reductions.

The asking price you set for your house could also be keeping it from selling New York. It is important to understand the profits you can expect from listing your home and compare them with our cash offer. We will buy it directly from you, You won’t be required to pay any closing costs when you work with Sell My NY Property Fast.

We make it quick, easy, and convenient for you to solve the problems with your house in market_city when you work with Sell My NY Property Fast. Get in touch with us today to learn more! 

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